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Black and white photo of gorgeous aurora

Beautiful green and red aurora photographed 13 August 2000 from near Dixonville, Alberta, Canada during my August 2000 stereo VLF recording expedition at around 2.00 a.m. MDT - S. McGreevy

This collection of naturally-occurring ELF/VLF audio recordings (now in MP3 file format) and the spectrograms below were made by Stephen P. McGreevy between 1996 to 2011. This page (and linked pages) includes mono audio files recorded from tapes made during VLF recording sessions in Alberta and Manitoba, Canada (1993, 1995, 1996), STEREO recordings made in Waterton Peace Park, Alberta Canada, June 1998, and two additional Canadian Expeditions in 2000 and 2001. Plus, there are recent recordings made from the California desert near and in Death Valley National Park and the Eastern Sierra and Joshua Tree Nat. Park. in the Southeastern California desert, and abroad within Greater London, and the Donegal Coast of Ireland...

Black and white photo of gorgeous aurora

Black and white photo of gorgeous aurora resembling a tornado in shape - Manitoba, 26 August 1996, around 0100 local time - S. McGreevy

About the audio files on this website:

Earth's Natural ELF-VLF radio signals in the audio-frequency radio spectrum - the radio sounds of the magnetosphere and space-weather - were the first radio signals people had ever heard beginning in the 1880's on telephone lines. They are amazing and beautiful, and the variety to be heard is endless - I encourage everyone to listen to them!

Some of the below (a portion of older files dated pre-2001) MP3 format audio files (128, 96 or 64 kbps) were converted from original source .WAV files of various sample and bit rates and may vary a bit in quality.

Newer MP3-file additons to this website (archives and newer recordings from 2002 to 2010) have been made directly from the original cassette, mini-disc or SD-chip recorder (a Zoom H2), and are at 128 kbs rate for the best quality for the file sizes, although it is a tad less than the original field-recordings (as some quality-loss is present in compressed-audio-file formats like MP3). Sometimes, MP3 audio compression at low data rates tends to make the impulse-noise sounds of lightning static sound a bit odd, especially if encoded into the MP3 format at less than 128 kbs rate - otherwise the VLF phenomena is reproduced faithfully).

The several receivers I used to make most of these audio-file recordings were a McGreevy WR-4b unit with a couple of 2 to 3-meter-tall whip verticals attached to my camper/van you see in photos below; hand-held WR-3 receivers of various ages; two cross-azimuth verticaly-hung delta-loops made of several turns of wire - used mainly in Canada for the STEREO recording expeditions (in the summers of 1998, 2000, and 2001) employing a large-loop antenna receiving system design by Stephen Ratzlaff alongside a version of his design adapted for my McGreevy WR-4b receiver. Quite a few recordings are made on hikes using a few versions of the hand-held McGreevy WR-3 receiver.

Many listeners to Natural VLF Radio note how the majority of these recordings of Earth's beautiful Natural VLF Radio sounds closely resemble biological/vocal sounds made by birds, frogs, whales, seals, etc. (or sci-fi sound effects) - you have to hear them to believe the variety and beauty...they are the sounds of "Space Weather!"

Latest News/Recordings:

05 July 2014 sferic and thunder

The desert-southwest Monsoon arrived with a bang and heavy rain. I had an old Russian-Soviet portable receiver tuned to about 300 metres (1000 kHz) monitoring the lightning static sferics that abound on VLF too.(31 seconds / 500 KB 128 kbps MP3)keeler_monsoon_sferic_and_thunder_05july2014.mp3

2013 and earlier VLF recordings now are on the "Auroral Chorus IV" page at Internet Archives. Please click this link to go there.

VLF/Whistler recordings:

17-19 March 2013 Whistlers AND 13-15 May 2013 Whistler Barrage:

2014 VLF recordings now are on the "Auroral Chorus IV" page at Internet Archives. Please click this link to go there.

Saturday, 14 July 2012 "Whistler Shower" - Inyo County, Calif.

Many moderate-strength near-pure-tone 2-hop whistlers per-minute (occurring after very-strong lightning sferics from storms over the Intermountain Western North America especially up in Washington and northern Idaho as well as southern BC and AB). These whistlers were recorded near Keeler on 14 July 2012 at approx. 1140 UT (0440 PDT) via The VLF-to-FM Relay. Click lightning-location photo and this link to hear the audio-file (about 1 minute duration).

Longer versions of this 14 July 2012 whistler-event have been uploaded to my "Auroral Chorus IV" page on Internet Archive (click here to go to that page of a large compendium of 2011-2012 VLF recordings).

09 March 2012 CME-Event Whistlers - Inyo County, Calif.

Many weak-to-quite-strong semi-pure-tone whistlers per-minute (occurring after strong lightning sferics from storms over Texas and the lower Great Plains of North America) were recorded near Keeler on 09 March 2012 at approx. 1507 UT (0707 PST) via The VLF-to-FM Relay. Dawn Chorus is also present in this VERY FINE RECORDING! Click spectrogram and this link to hear the audio-file (LONG - 10 minute duration).

New solar-panel (10w) added to VLF-FM Relay - 17 Feb. 2012

The first night after adding this new solar-panel, the Inyo VLF to FM 87.9 MHz Relay produced lovely whistlers (many pure-tone) the entire night of 18-19 Feb. 2012 (PST dates) - Recording of a whistler cluster - 19 Feb. 2012 - 0808z - near Keeler, Calif. (5 sec. file / 80 kb)

Nice early-autumn 2011 whistlers:

Several weak-to-moderate-strength semi-pure-tone whistlers per-minute (occurring after strong lightning sferics from storms over Nevada, Utah and Arizona) were recorded near Keeler on Tuesday, 04 October 2011 at approx. 0845 UT (0145 PDT) via a hand-held WR-3e Receiver. Click spectrogram and this link to hear the audio-file (7.5 sec. duration).

A few strong pure-tone whistlers per-minute with echoes were recorded near Keeler on Friday, 30 September 2011 at approx. 1220 UT (0520 PDT) via the VLF to FM Relay depicted below. Click spectrogram and this link to hear the audio-file (about 25 sec. duration).

On 08 September 2011 at approx. 2300 UT, the SOHO and STEREO spacecraft detected a huge Mercury-directed CME occurred, resulting in a magnetic-storm on Earth. This is the Goddard Space Weather Lab animated-gif model of this CME - it is quite amazing to look at(!):

Click here to view this animation. I will be out recording natural VLF Radio early the morning of 10 Sept. 2011 in Inyo County, CA, and will have the results below...stand-by...

(Well, it didn't produce much, being not-directed at Earth but towards Venus.

But, another CME is approaching Earth and to arrive about 26 Sept. 2011 at 1400 UT, so maybe I'll have another chance at hearing good VLF signals... (NOPE, nothing again!)

Another gigantic CME on 27 Jan. 2012 (NASA-GSFC animation - I didn't hear any VLF sounds at 37 latitude north, but this one did largely miss Earth. I find these animations quite amazing and they best show the rotation-spiral outward of the solar-wind and the various solar-wind streams that affect radio-propagation at any given time.

I can now monitor natural VLF-radio 24/7 from home with low powerline hum and high-sensitivity.

(More about this "VLF to FM Relay" further below")

From the Archives:

Click the spectrogram above/or this sentence for the .mp3 audio file

Click the spectrogram above/or this sentence for the .mp3 audio file

On Monday, 10 April 2010, A friend and I installed a 24-hour hi-fi remote-VLF monitor in the hills a few km from home and also from the AC-grid. The audio-output from the newly-employed WR-5A VLF receiver is relayed back via 100 mW FM-link on 87.9 MHz.

Hopefully, this section now to more-rapidly fill with new audio files beginning mid-May or June 2010 (when I fix the lack of solar-panel input problem - see below). The receiver is a prototype "WR-5a" version - see bottom of: or CLICK HERE for WR-5a schematic. - S.P. McGreevy - Photos by Mike Mideke, WB6EER.

It is early the morning of 05 October 2010: Wonderful, pure-tone (loud) whistlers about 1 per minute between 0330 - 0445 PDT (1030 - 1145 UT) via Keeler, CA VLf to FM relay (recorded! - a file upload here when I can get to it and can process the file/compile it) - SpM. (more news below relay info.)

(The most recent-uploaded VLF-relay reception reports are further below)

It is now Sunday, 17 April 2010 at 1600 UT, and there are several (short) single-hop whistlers per-minute coming from source lightning in the southern hemisphere. They peaked in numbers and strength for about 15 minutes, then rapidly declined to maybe 10% of peak levels by 1625 UT. VLF Propagation changes quickly!

These whistler events seem to come and go -- similar to how sporadic-E skip openings come and go -- the whistler channel/ducts seem to form, merge, and evaporate, thus the rate of whistlers varies wildly hour to hour, with some hours and periods of tens of minutes devoid of any whistlers, then, anytime between sunset and early daylight, there have been events of diffuse to near-pure-tone whistlers since 10 April when the relay went in.

(It seems I did not put enough solar-panel wattage on the VLF-relay battery, as of 25 April 2010, it sent only a few hours of VLF audio mid-day, then failed when it grew to be late-afternoon.

On 11 May 2010 at 0800 local time, I installed another 5 watt solar-panel on the VLF-relay 2.2 miles / 3.5 km. This afternoon (11 May 2010 @ 2000 UT), there are occasional strong pure-tone whistlers occurring MID-DAY! The VLF to FM relay is(?) back in service and has a good signal again after 3 weeks down-time, although it seems by late-efternoon, some ominous (but apparantly harmless) popping/glitching sounds from high winds (big gales!)S.P. McGreevy, 11 May 2010.

Yes! The VLF to FM Relay is working PERFECTLY PAST 4 days - the extra solar panel I hiked in with (5 watts from CDT-Solar) has charged up the battery and it is onge again transmitting 24hours on 87.9 MHz to our hi-fi's in Keeler.

REPORT: few to no whistlers and heavy p.m. thunderstorm sferics (static) each day, tweeks at night lovely as always, though. I can hear ALPHA (Russia) well - this is at 1415 UT - 15 May 2010. S.P. McGreevy, 15 May 2010. -

Weak Dawn Chorus recorded via the VLF to FM relay, Sat. 29 May 2010 at 1406 UT - Keeler, California (Owens Valley). (1.5 MB MP3)

REPORT: lovely whistlers the night/morning of Sunday 06 June 2010, and light thunderstorm sferics (static) that day, great tweeks that night as heard via the Relay - wonderful VLF conditions and very aesthetic! 06 June 2010. I went camping with Mike Mideke, WB6EER the following night into the White Mountains, NV. and slept out under the very bright stars.

There have been a number of good whistler events during the summer of 2010 - especially around dawn.

On Wednesday, 08 September 2010, there are about 1 to 2 weak to strong single-hop (short) whistlers/minute occurring between sunrise to approx. 1645 UT. via the Relay.

The Relay received a great pure-tone whistler event the morning of 05 October 2010 - 1300 - 1500 UT (963 KB / 1:22 file). During the winter, it failed to operate all night. A new battery (18 aH) and ASC Charge-controller was installed 12 Jan. 2011 (see pic. below). Between 14 - 17 January 2011, numerous "fast-whistlers" have been heard via the Relay. S. P. McGreevy, 17 January 2011

Fast "riccochet" type whistlers occurring at a few-per-minute rate at 1336 UT on 17 January 2011 via the VLF to FM Relay (1.2 MB / 128 kbps MP3)

On 23 March 2011, I heard several fast-whistlers (1-hop) with my WR-3 situated 35 km/22 miles from home, near Darwin, CA. On the morning of 24 March 2011, Mike and I hiked to the VLF Relay (VLF to FM) and installed a new 10-watt CDT-Solar brand panel. This has eliminated the lack of PV-charge to the 18 aH battery and has instantly resulted in 24 hours of full-strength/sensitivity relaying of VLF activity to our FM-receivers in nearby Keeler. On both nights of 24-25 and 25-26 March 2011, lovely whistlers poured-forth between sunset and approx. 0200 local time (PDT) before fading away - thus proving again that sunrise is not always the best time for whistler activity.

Newer 2011 recordings of mine are available on the "Auroral Chorus IV" page on Internet Archives at:

Click image to hear the two whistlers (.mp3)

Not far east of Boundary Peak, Nevada, at 8200 ft. elevation/2500 metres elevation. Photo by Dear (Peaceful/Zen) Friend, Mike, WB6EER. Deep VLF-quiet locale (3-aspects: - night-sky darkness, acousticlly-quiet, VLF-quiet - no-hum) - (no A.C. powerline-hum at all on high-sensitivity e-field WR-3 receiver) and also one of the darkest-sky locales in the western Great Basin region of North American Continent for dark-sky astronomy - I spent half of the night with my Celestron 50x7 Astronomical Binoculars gazing at Scorpius and Sagittarius and the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy, early Monday 07 June 2010, under gorgeous, mild-late-spring temps in the high-50s F (low) and about 80F for high. - N6NKS.

Fairly acoustically-quiet mountain-paradise locale - northern White Mountains experience only the gentle sounds of passenger airliners along the "Coaldale Air-Corridor" approach to S.F. Bay Area (monitor 132.05 MHz).

ZEN-Man WB6EER whom loves quiet-wilderness and QRPp operating/HF-beacons, as I also.

27 June 2009 - Lee Flat, Inyo County, California.

Three strong whistlers in a row, of mild-diffuseness, recorded around dawn on 27 June 2009 - This Death Valley National Park location was also my 2009 Field Day amateur radio site, where the sporadic-e skip on 6m and 10m was particularly good on 26 and 27 June. All three mornings there produced lovely whistlers like the ones in this recording. Venus is visible above the large Joshua Tree.

02 July 2008 - Lee Flat, Inyo Co., Calif.:

Multi-whistler complex amongst strong static levels
typical of summer time static levels in the S.w. USA, recorded on a hand-held WR-3GX receiver 02 July 08 - about 1230 UTC (8 sec. / 176 kb) and a Sony Mini-Disc recorder. Dense smoke from fires in the Sierra Nevada Mountains was innundating the area and reduced the visibility to 5 miles or less, hence distant desert mountains are not visible in this Lee Flat (elevation 5700 ft./1740m) photo of myself with my receiver and recorder. Later the smoke cleared and gorgeous starry skies prevailed that night, and it actually became quite cold by morning.

Lee Flat is one of my favorite deep-quiet locations in the northern Mojave desert - elevation 5800 ft/1770 m. A quiet-place to camp in the stars and Joshua Trees.

11 July 2007 - Centennial Flat, Inyo County, California:

'Whizzer' type whistler (8 sec. / 116 kb) - maybe one occurrence every few minutes, occurred on the morning of wednesday 11 July 2007 at about 1245 ut / 0545 Pacific time - recorded hand-held with WR-3ga/WR-3GX receiver and Sony minidisc recorder.

CA/NV Whistler Storms:

From the archives: in 1990, good friend Micheal Mideke recorded what is considered a fairly rare event - a whistler storm - whistlers raining down by the hundreds per minute. These events usually occur in mid-latitude locations during considerably-disturbed periods and usually accompany chorus, but most chorus events audible at mid-latitude locations such as California and Nevada do not generate whistler-storms. The two following files represent some really good whistler storm events.

whistorm_stereo_mideke_ca22aug90.mp3 (1826 kb / 160 kbps MP3 - 1:33) - recorded near San Simeon, CA at 1605 UTC, 22 Aug. 1990. STEREO using two different long-wires (> 1000 ft. long) and receivers. (INSPIRE RS-3 receivers)

whisstorm_mcg_nv_21aug90_v_vlf.mp3 (1238 kb / 160 kbps MP3 - 1:03) - a whistler storm with chorus and hiss recorded by S. McGreevy near Paradise Valley, (northern) Nevada (north of Winnemucca) 21 Aug. 1990, 1700 ut - the first day of two events 21-22 Aug. 1990. Recorded on McGreevy version of Mideke/INSPIRE RS-3 receiver (predated the McGreevy BBB-4 whip-antenna-receiver by a year or so) with 200 foot longwire.

whistlers_mideke_oct89.mp3 (3138 kb / 160 kbps MP3 - 2:54:) Spectacularly echoing whistlers recorded by Michael Mideke near San Simeon sometime in October 1989.

Eastern Sierra/Owens Valley

On the morning of March 23, 2006, there were frequent whistlers, moderately strong. Lightning static was light, and I was located at the same place as the photo below. This location next to Lone Pine Peak, is about 3 miles from residential power-lines (hum is very low).

1) Two, semi-diffuse 2-hop whistlers preceeded by distinct lightning static pops, 1230 UT, 204 kb, 128 kbps, 13 seconds duration.

2) Two whistlers occurring within 1/4second, at about 1233 UT, 74 kb, 5 sec.

Exact receiving installation in/on van as the 06 June '05 recoridngs below.

My favorite summertime listening site west of Lone Pine against the Sierra Nevada mtns. - Picture shows the van antennas, the VLF copper-pipe vertical antenna being on the rear of the van on the right. I caught a few whistlers the morning of 06 June 2005.

1) Whistler in heavy static at 1500 UT, 100 kb, 128 kbps, 6 sec.

2) whistler cluster at about 1430 UT, 94 kb, 4.5 sec.

Typical high summertime static levels.

Northern Mojave Desert - Inyo County, Calif.

10/11 Feb 2005 - Lee Flat, Inyo. Co., California recording site Lee Flat (elev 5,900 ft./1800 m) located on the western edge of Death Valley National Park (click link for large photo showing the location: van and antenna, the Inyo mountains with snow to the west, and Joshua Trees nearby)
has one of the finest Joshua Tree forests in the Mojave Desert and is a great VLF site far from AC powerlines, so the subtle and vast variety of weaker VLF phenomena detectable at low-middle latitudes can be enjoyed. A minor magnetic disturbance hit about sunset on thursday 10 Feb. 2005 and a snowstorm arrived the next morning by sunrise. It was a beautiful night for nice variety of whistlers, although few of the whistlers were overly loud. Odd bits of chorus and high-latitude VLF-phenomena squeaked through occasionally, but mainly it was a night for whistlers. Notice the strong reception of Russian ALPHA

1) Two different kinds of whistlers occurring close-together - a hissy one and a pure-tone one) after lightning pops occurring at about 2200 pst (0600 ut, 11 Feb 05) 122 KB, 128 kbps, 7 sec.

2) Cluster of weak upward-rising tones (risers) and subtle high-latitude phenomena (at about 0200 ut, 11 Feb 05) 640 KB, 128 kbps, 40 sec.

The pervasive AC grid: Notice the faint AC powerline hum in the two audio file recordings above: the closest large AC powerlines are about 15 miles to the west in the Owens Valley, a small set runs along Calif. State Route 190 some ten miles to the south and southwest, and yet, AC hum is still audible - sometimes from two different grids with a very slight difference in a.c. mains frequencies (0.1 Hz for example)! There are few places within the California deserts as electrically remote and quiet as here - no artificial lights of any kind are visible in this location - perfect also for dark-sky astronomy and other radio reception experimentation and DXing. (approx. coords. 36.5N/117.6W)

Centennial Flat - after sunrise on Monday, 26 July 2004. It had been a morning of several weak whistlers per minute, (as with the two mornings prior to this morning), due to a CME, and the Solar Flux was in the 150's.

1) Whistler after lightning pop 1125z 26 July 2004,76 KB, 96 kbps

2) Cluster of weak whistlers after lightning bolt cluster72 KB, 96 kbps

Whistlers at Point Reyes/Mount Vision - 21 January 2004

Photo of me atop Mt. Vision - Pt. Reyes National Seashore, northern California, 21 January 2004 - recording whistlers LIVE on WR-3 at dawn while I was being video taped!- photo by David Monaghan, David Monaghan Productions of England

1) whistlers_mt_vision_prns_marin_012104_.mp3 958 KB. 128 kbps stream

2) whistlers_mt_vision_prns_marin_012104_1145z.mp3 1182 KB, 128 kbps stream

3) whistlers_mt_vision_prns_marin_012104_1150z.mp3 680 KB, 128 kbps stream

The three MP3 files above are recent January coastal California whister recordings in MP3 file-format above, and were recorded (using a WR-3) during an actual video shoot at dawn and sunrise on the morning of wed. 21 January 2004 atop Mount Vision in the Pt. Reyes National Seashore. There are some bits of the video camera's electronic noise present in the background of portions of these recordings above, albeit quite faint overall.

Southern Death Valley Whistlers

Sunrise photos on 02 November 2003 of WR-4b whip antenna (9-ft tall) mounted on van, and the gorgeous surrounding desert wilderness along the Amargosa River valley in southern Death Valley next to the Owlshead Mountains. S. P. McGreevy.

Whistlers recorded in southern death Valley, about 2 miles south of Ashford Junction near the Owlshead Mountains on 02 November 2003 at 0950 UT (1:50 a.m. PST).

1) whistlers_south_dv_02nov03_0950z_dvnp_inyo_ca.mp3 2848 KB, 128 kbs stream

Darwin - Realm of Inyo fast-Whistlers

Darwin, California is an old silver-mining town in the plateau between the Owens Valley and the Panamint Valley, just outside of the western boundary of Death Valley National Park. One single powerline serves this tiny but scenic town of about 50 ecclectic people of all kinds. I visited Darwin for a few days between 17-23 September to do some professional recording of musical festivities happening over that period in the tiny hamlet. On Tuesday September 23rd at 7 a.m. local time, there was a scheduled power outage so LADWP crews could install new wooden power poles leading down the Darwin Plateau, passing by Centennial Flat, toward Lone Pine. Shortly after the power-outage ensued, all the hum and buzz of the mains went away. Standing right next to the town's powerlines, I recorded these quite fast-whistlers with one of my hand-held WR-3 Whistler Receivers and an oddly tilting home-made BNC whip antenna attachment about 5 feet long. In this audio segment, there are frequent, possibly 1-hop whistlers transversing the magnetosphere once from lightning storms in the southern hemisphere, but it seems to me that perhaps they have traveled 2-short-hops through the magnetosphere, because I thought that some of them followed obvious lightning static bursts from moonsoonal lightning storms occurring over the Rocky Mountains and the Colorado Plateau that morning. SEE PICTURE BELOW!Darwing fast whistlers, 232 kB, 128 kbps MP3 file, about 13 sec.

Steve McGreevy in Darwin, Calif. on 23 Sept. 2003 with WR-3 Receiver recording the fast whistlers in above audio-file

1996 British Isles Travels: Donegal Coast (Ireland) and inner-London Whistlers

Amazingly, London has a very quiet power-grid compared to most North American cities - in fact, the clean-ness of the UK power grid is legendary - much of this lack of noise has to do with the fact that longwave (153 to 290 kHz) is used for broadcasting, and noisy appliances tolerated in North America are NOT there (such as SCR-light-dimmers, etc.). The result is one can hear whistlers pretty well within some of the large urban parks within Greater London. Battersea Park in Chelsea is no exception. While visiting Irdial Discs of London in May 1996, one evening around sunset, I walked into nearby Battersea Park with my WR-3 and was delighted to record these fine whistlers. Notice that the AC-hum is lower-pitched - 50 Hz, than in North America (60 Hz):

London Battersea Park Whistlers recorded 10 May 1996 at 9:10 p.m. BST handheld with a WR-3 into my Marantz PMD-212 cassette recorder, somewhere in an open place away from trees north of the football (soccer) playing pitches near the western edge of the park. The varying levels of background hum are from the railway lines from Victoria Station that pass by the western edge of the park. 55 sec., 654 KB, 64 kbps MP3 file.

The Six VLF MP3 Albums released on Internet Archives

"Music of the Magnetosphere" - "Electric Enigma" - "August 2000 Solar-Max. Stereo Expedition to Alberta"
Six MP3 Albums at

Stephen P. McGreevy's "Auroral Chorus II: The Music of the Magnetosphere" Album in MP3 (released 2000, Lone Pine, CA)

Stephen P. McGreevy's "August 2000 Solar-Max. Stereo Expedition to Alberta" Album in MP3 (released 2010, Lone Pine, CA)

Stephen P. McGreevy's "Electric-Enigma" Album in MP3 (released 1996, London)

Stephen P. McGreevy's "Auroral Chorus I: The Music of the Magnetosphere" Album in MP3 (released 1998, Lone Pine, CA)

Stephen P. McGreevy's "Auroral Chorus III: The Music of the Magnetosphere" Album in MP3 - Disc 1 of 2 (released 2003, Lone Pine, CA)

Stephen P. McGreevy's "Auroral Chorus IV: The Music of the Magnetosphere - Desert Whistlers" Album in MP3 (released 2010, Lone Pine, CA)

Updated 07 July 2014 by Stephen P. McGreevy - N6NKS. The Music of the Magnetosphere.

The audio files on this site are for the delight and fascination of everyone visiting this page. Use of them in presentations is encouraged. Thank you. NOTHING ON THIS SITE IS COPYRIGHTED - ALL PUBLIC-DOMAIN.Stephen P. McGreevy, July 2014

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